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Merry YOGA Christmas

Black & White british council make monster For most around the world, the way to celebrate any holiday is in a certain way.  It’s black and white. de graaf landgoed driessen During the holidays I’m again reminded of how really diverse every human being is.  How the influence of our family and friends create a vision for how life “should” be. vaches béarnaises a vendres It’s easy to judge others for celebrating in a different way than us.  I know I’ve done this before.

tiles art design view It’s even easy to judge ourselves for celebrating in a different way than the rest of the world. voleurs de stars streaming It’s also easy to get caught up in the I, Me, Mine, kinda attitude during the holidays…I know I’ve fallen into this pit as well. laptop via tv In reality each of us has our own idea of what’s important this time of year, and really no one is wrong for having that particular ideal…so it’s really not black and white when we look at it.  Hell, there are some people who don’t celebrate at all and that seems to work for them. lullaby of birdland lyrics Growing up we are so heavily influenced by our surroundings that it takes a strong willed person to break away from that “mold of life.”  It’s when we get caught up in outward appearances and worrying about what others will think of your decisions that we succumb to a very weak place to operate from.

Dare to Be Different… goals and objectives I feel that this time of year is a challenging one for so many out there while others are seemingly happy and joyful. guldbelagt halskæde med c Many are left with no family or friends to celebrate.  Many are even homeless and don’t have much food to eat. stattfinden zusammen oder getrennt While others are consumed with more presents than they could imagine, yet feel empty because they lack the love they desire. fremdriftsrapport for mål itslearning Some are overeating with all the holiday goodies to compensate for a life they consider meaningless. hvordan så vikingerne ud Some are celebrating by donating their time to those in need.

nikita mirzani photo link Some are grieving harder than they have ever grieved because this is the first Christmas without that person who has died sometime this year.

mot mobbing organisasjoner Some are coming together as orphans, recreating a new family structure that isn’t  linked by blood but rather by strong friendship. open userform vba Some are traveling around the world and others with no money to leave their apartment. selger godt fra doha Some have a joyful time with tons of family and friends and disregarding the gift portion of the season.

nach hyperventilation schmerzen in der brust there Some go to church and pray, while others bow to their alter and some vouch to say there is nothing out there greater than humans.

version légère linux So we know that right now, all around the world, this day means different thing, and can be celebrated or not, and in all different ways.

Mindless Emotions

lamp lapin & me here It’s so easy to get stuck in our own idea of what this holiday means to us, it’s so easy to get stuck in our ways of how we should or shouldn’t celebrate in a certain way.  We put ourselves in a proverbial box of sorts and anything outside of that box makes us uncomfortable.

test seat arosa 99% of the pain in our lives is caused by our thoughts.

love life john mamann clip officiel youtube We all have our own vision of what the celebration should look like.  Anything outside of that ruffles your feathers.  When in reality, it’s the mind that tells us we have to celebrate at all…that’s not a law or a rule, but it’s a “rule” your mind has come up with.

spies rejser 2018 view The Mind puts these constructs together to create what we like to consider a comfort zone.  When really what it should be called is the fertile ground for uncomforted zone.  Because more than likely shit isn’t going to go down 100% the way your mind has envisioned. logan blu ray 3d It’s so easy, and I’m guilty of this too, of being pulled in by our emotions during this time of year.

ab sugars ltd link Since our mind has created this vision, our emotions can be effected by that vision either coming to fruition or  falling on it’s face.  Our emotions can run off with us in a skinny minute if we allow them to.  They seem to have a mind of their own, when really they are just supporting an untrained mind; the mindless.

My Wish For You

ronaldo 7 real madrid here I think the normal wishes that people say around this time of year is that I hope you get to see your family, I hope you eat good food, I hope you get what you wanted, etc…when my wish is totally different for you.

My wish is that this year you cultivate the Sakshi, the observer/witness within you.

You might be sitting there thinking, what is Sharla talking about right now…well, let me explain.

If you were your very own director, in the movie staring you, you would direct with passion but not emotion.  You could direct from a perspective of being able to see things for what they are and not being dragged in any direction because of a delusion the mind creates or an emotion that rolls out of control.

The director of your life can help guide you to make the most optimal decisions, because the director “rises above” and sees things just as they are, nothing more, nothing less.

Cultivating this witnessing awareness allows you to see through the delusions, to truth.

Observing your life from this perspective can and will allow you to see everyone as Divine, as perfect, even if they celebrate or don’t celebrate the same way you do.

Observing your life from this perspective will allow you to find compassion for all creatures, human and human animals.

You can begin to see the similarities and disregard the differences as being anything other than beautiful.

Merry Christmas-Yoga Style

Yoga means to unite or to yolk.  So regardless if you celebrate Christmas the “traditional way” or not, I wish you Yoga.

I wish that you find Yoga within your own life, yoking together your mind, body and spirit.

I wish that you find the Yoga within your family and friends and realize that differences or only a different aspect of the Divine, cloaked in different bodies.

I wish that you find the Yoga within your eating choices, understanding that everything we put in our bodies will effect us in a positive or negative way.

I wish that you find the Yoga all around and inside of your life.

I wish that you find the peace and unconditional love of which is the fabric of your soul…You deserve that!







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