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{Wellness Wednesday} Tongue Scraper

Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Wednesday

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biscuits noix coco watch Hey this is Sharla Patrick at Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit. Today is
another wellness Wednesday and you’re in my bathroom. Don’t freak out, but
you’re in my bathroom.

government job alert click Today I’m going to show you how to use the tongue scraper. So we had so
many people that were intrigued when I said I cleaned my tongue scraper
that they wanted to know how, exactly, it’s used. It’s a very simple piece
of metal like this, and there’s other kinds too. There’s plastic ones that
look like a spoon that you can drag. One of the reasons that I like this
one is because it can bend. And I don’t try to bend it a lot but it will
bend to a little bit narrower so you can reach back deeper into your mouth.
And so after I brush my teeth I just take it like this. Uh-huh. And pull
it. And you can see stuff coming off of it.

wo wohnt paris hilton Now my tongue’s pretty clean already because I use it so much. And I have
a pretty low Candida diet. If you consume a lot of sugars and processed
foods then you will have a white thrushy feeling. My cat’s totally trying
to get in my sink. And so for those who have a low Candida diet you will
see pink already on your tongue. Not a lot of white. But it’s in the very
back that a lot of food get’s built up in there. And so this little sucker
can go all the way back there. And you just rinse it off really, really

prénom russes feminins And again, another weekly tip is to clean with hydrogen peroxide. All of
your utensils, all of your tooth picks, all of your, tongue scraper and
your tooth brushes. Just to make sure. I’ve got to show you my cat. She’s
all about licking in the sink when I here. Anyway, so go ahead and get your
tongue scraper because it can help to fight bad breath and if you’ve got
any bacteria on your tongue, obviously it’s going to scrape that off as

http://blackfar.live/2018/10 profielfoto iemand erbij plakken Plus, it just looks nicer. It’s kind of like a cherry on the top, you know.
You’ve gotten yourself dressed, you’re ready to go, your teeth are brushed.
And that tongue. It can actually have a completely different texture. And
it’s just like, oh my gosh, now I’m ready to go out and face the world. And
feel confident that you have, hopefully, good breath; unless you’re
consuming a lot of garlic, which, I do sometimes too, but anyways healthy
for you right? Anyways this is Charlotte Patrick. Get your tongue scrapers
today. You can click down on the link below and we’ve got some on our
website. Appreciate you guys, see you next wellness Wednesday. Ciao.

Get Your Scraper Today, Click HERE

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