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{Wellness Wednesday} Clean Your Brushes

Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Wednesday british council make monster de graaf landgoed driessen YouTube Preview Image vaches béarnaises a vendres Hey, everybody. It’s Sharla Patrick and it’s Wellness Wednesday here at tiles art design view Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit. I
just wanted to share one little quick tip with you that you can use to keep
your family healthy. About once every other week, or once a week even, it’s
really good to clean something that you’re probably not cleaning on a daily
basis . . . probably not on a monthly basis . . . and maybe not even on a
yearly basis. It’s pretty gross, if you look down at it. voleurs de stars streaming My one tip for this week is to clean, not just your toothbrushes, because
clearly, that’s going to help fight infections — to clean the container,
as well. Listen, hydrogen peroxide is so cheap. I’m going to turn the hot
water on here and just start rinsing this cup out, what I typically do is
just pick up some hydrogen peroxide. A big bottle is usually two
dollars. This can really help prevent flu’s and sicknesses that you and
your kids are experiencing. laptop via tv I’ve rinsed this little cup out. It’s pretty dirty down in there. All I’m
going to do is pour some of the hydrogen peroxide in there. We have a, I’m
not even sure, a Wolverine toothbrush, my Recycle toothbrush, my tooth
pick, put it in here. Already, you can see that there are bubbles. You
can’t see it, but I can hear them and I can see them. It’s bubbling, which
means there’s bacteria in there. I also have a tongue scraper right here,
like this, it helps to fight bacteria and bad breath. That one won’t really
fit into that, so I actually have to pour a little bit into this bowl. lullaby of birdland lyrics I would highly suggest getting a tongue scraper. It’s amazing. It’ll
transform your life, especially those people who fight bad breath. It’s
great. You’ll be a little disgusted when you use it at first. Maybe we’ll
do that on another Wellness Wednesday tip. I think that would be kind of
fun to do. Don’t forget to get the ends of your tongue scraper. That sucker
is what goes down inside of that toothbrush holder. So, it actually has way
more bacteria than the actual thing that I scrape my tongue with. goals and objectives Soak this for about 20 or 30 minutes, at least that’s what I do. You could
do it all day. After you brush your teeth in the morning, you’re probably
not using it during the day. Then, when you brush your teeth after lunch,
you could rinse it out. I’m just going to go ahead and show you . . .
simple, simple, simple. Take the toothbrush, run it under some hot water,
and rinse it off. That’s all you do. It’s fighting the bacteria. Especially
around flu season, or if your kids are in school, do this once a week, for
heaven’s sake, because you just don’t know. This could be one of the
biggest things that you could do for your household, to clean your gang’s
toothbrushes once a week, at least. guldbelagt halskæde med c Once we’re done with that, we’ll rinse it out. It’s got a clean bottom now.
You can stick everything back in there. There you go , clean, helps to
prevent illnesses. Your toothbrush is probably going to last longer, too,
because there’s a bunch of crud that gets stuck up in there. Then you have
to buy new toothbrushes. You should still buy new toothbrushes, but this
will create some longevity and cleanliness, and fighting the “bacteria-
ness.” Anyway, Sharla Patrick with Wellness Wednesdays at stattfinden zusammen oder getrennt Healthy Lifestyle fremdriftsrapport for mål itslearning and Spirit. We’ll see you soon. Ciao.

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