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Stress Be Gone

What does STRESS in the workplace cost YOUR company annually?
  • 13.4 Days of Absenteeism due to Stress*
  • 60-80% of all Injuries are Stress Based*
  • $10,000 Lost Per Employee as a result of Stress**
  • Workplace Stress is a Major Contributor to 60-90%  Hospitalizations & Illnesses ***

Implementing a Stress Reduction Plan Can SAVE You

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I Make it Easy For You, So Your Business Can Grow

tahm kench pro build check In this economy, I realize that the focus is driving cost down and bringing more profits in; you don’t need to worry about creating a Stress Reduction Plan for your Employees.  I have a very comprehensive, from head to toe, “Stress Be Gone” Program, where I do all the work in helping to empower the employees to reduce stress. That way, you and  your team can focus on what you need to do to grow your business.

Your Employees Will Receive:

  • 27 Page, “Stress Be Gone E-Book” (includes: 5 instructional videos and 45 minute bonus audio)
  • 12 Page, “Survival Guide” E-Book that will help your employees circumnavigate some staple items in their grocery store purchasing (even includes printable lists)
  • 32 Page, “Meditation for the Busy and Busy Minded” Handbook (learn the 10 meditation myths that are busted in this book and learn the 3 easy steps to start a meditation practice)

What’s the Cost?

vi menn pluss I know you realize the cost of not having a stress reduction plan.  So the alternative and optimal decision would be to have “The Stress Be Gone” Program implemented so you can save the money that stress is causing your business.

latest central govt employees Depending on what your company is looking for, you can either set up “The Stress Be Gone” Program as a fringed benefit, partial fringed benefit, or just offer to your employees and they are responsible for all the cost.
This program can be tailored to fit your company’s schedule.  Some choose to do a 12 week program (once a week on a lunch break) some may choose to do a one or two week more “intensive” program.


welcher eos passt zu mir watch * American Institute For Stress
** The Bureau of Labor Statistics
***60% of the illnesses they treat are stress related; American Family Physicians Association. Dr. Paul Rosch, M.D., American Institute of Stress, places this figure at 75-90%. Health care expenditures are 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress; Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Job stress increases risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders, psychological disorders etc.; Encyclopedia of Occupational Safety and Health.
**** The Canadian Institute of Stress Management, from a comprehensive company wide stress management program

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Corporate Training

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