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{Tasty Tuesday} Peanut Butter Blast

Healthy Lifestyle Tasty Tuesday

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klatrestativ barn armgang click Hey everybody, it’s Sharla Patrick at Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit, and
today is tasty Tuesday, and we explore foods and smoothies and juices that
are all great for the body, and sometimes [splurgy] ones too. But today is
kind of a cross between a really healthy smoothie and something that tastes
like you are splurging. And I can’t tell you that I got this recipe on my
own because I didn’t, but this is from the Healthy Sprout in Mount
Pleasant, South Carolina. Mickey and Caroline Brennan are some of my great
friends, and they have one of the only true Vegan delis in the whole tri-
county area. At the Sprout, they have this milkshake or this shake called
Peanut Butter Blast, and I love it so. They probably do it just a little
bit different, but this is definitely the inspiration that came from their
deli and all their amazing employees.

grant gustin gracie gustin go So here we have the ingredients. I put in, oops, and we forgot our banana,
key ingredient here, so we have our bananas; we have maple syrup, and we
have almond milk, and I put in some protein powder. And I also have some
maple syrup here as you can see, and those are the ingredients that I put
in. Here’s what I’d do typically about a half, maybe a fourth of a cup of
ice. Then I put in just one scoop of the P protein because that’s a vegan
protein for my protein supplement, and I put in about a cup of peanut
butter. Now you can put in Ω cup or a cup, but I just love peanut butter
taste, so I put in more. Or if you’ve got, like I got sunflower seed
butter, you can use that, almond butter, any kind of butter, cashew butter
would do, and I put in the whole banana. And I just slop it right here in
the Vitamix, so let’s turn this sucker on. It’s going to be loud. vriendinnen armband goud And we’re done, so let’s get our little Mason jar out. It’s a little bit
more challenging than it looks like with one hand, so we’ll take the
smoothie, and we’ll just put it in here, the Mason jar. Whew! Look at
that little chunk of banana, should have kept that in a little bit longer.
That’s all right. I got these new amazing lids for the Mason jars, so for
me I take my Mason jars all over the house, and I take them in the car with
me. So it’s a great option. Stainless steel straw: great for the
environment doesn’t leak into your system, and it goes in this trusty hole
right here, and let’s take a sip. vertrek istanbul naar amman Mm, oh my gosh so good. Now listen. The maple syrup you might not need;
it’s really good. You might not need it if your almond milk is sweetened
and if you a peanut butter is sweetened. My peanut butter’s not sweetened.
It’s straight roasted peanuts, so I do like a little bit of maple syrup in
here just to give it a little bit of extra sweetness. But you don’t have
to have that, and if you didn’t want to add the protein, you don’t have to
add the protein. But I’ve actually added greens in here from Trader Joe’s,
and it works beautifully as well.

comtesse de st germain pézenas So you can mix it up, but this is a great shake for you in the mornings or
mid-afternoon or whatever. Your kids should love this too. This is a
great treat for the kids as well because it’s got bananas and peanut butter
in it. It just tastes luscious, so anyways this is Sharla Patrick at tasty
Tuesdays. Have a great week and we’ll talk to you soon. See you.

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