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{Tasty Tuesday} Coffee Toddy

Healthy Lifestyle Tasty Tuesday british council make monster de graaf landgoed driessen YouTube Preview Image vaches béarnaises a vendres Hey, this is Sharla Patrick, and welcome to Tasty Tuesdays at tiles art design view Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit; we’re back
again. And for those of you who have been studying about alkalinity and
diseases in the body, there’s a very good correlation between acidic body
being a host for any diseases, especially cancer. A study showed that 78%
of all diseases thrive in an acidic environment. And so, the most
alkalinity that we can create within the body hopefully we can prevent and
ward off and maybe even reverse some illnesses. voleurs de stars streaming And so I’m personally not a coffee drinker, but I’ve got some friends that
are coffee drinkers, and so I like to have coffee on hand. I don’t even own
a coffee maker. I don’t own one of those individualized cup coffee makers
either. So I wanted to share with you what I do to help with my guest’s in
having coffee but also to share a secret tip,, that actually my aunt Diana
shared with me; that in the production of this type of coffee and the
method that I’m going to show you it actually reduces the acidity of the
coffee, so you have a more alkaline coffee. And it’s fast, it’s easy, no
equipment to buy, and you can keep it in your refrigerator in a locked
Mason jar for some time and it still is going to be alkaline, which is
amazing. laptop via tv So, we’re going to make basically a coffee toddy, which for those of you
who don’t, and I admit I’m learning too, because I’m not a coffee drinker,
this is the kind of mixture that you can actually make ice coffee with, so
it’s very concentrated. Or, if you just want to use it on a daily basis
whenever you can actually heat up the coffee, because you will store it in
the frig, in a liquid form. And you might need to dilute it, because it’s
very, very strong. lullaby of birdland lyrics Anyway, I just bought some store-bought Starbucks, the house blend, nothing
fancy here, but if you like those flavored coffees you can do that, too;
not big deal. And basically what you’re going to do is the original recipe
is 9 cups of water, which most people don’t have a vat big enough for that,
and you put 16 oz. of coffee. So I kind of reduced that down; you could do
4.5 cups of water and 8 oz. of coffee; or you can do 2.25 cups of water and
4 oz. of coffee. So all I do is I just take a Mason jar and I filled up a
little bit over 4 oz. of coffee in here. I know it’s a little bit more, but
you know, I’d rather it be stronger, because we can dilute it. goals and objectives And all we’re going to do is I’m going to grab a measuring cup, and we’re
going to do 2/4 of water. Now I use alkaline water to help with this whole
process here. I’ve got a Vollara Living Water Unit, which we sell on our
website. It’s amazing all the things it can do. But this is going to help
to increase the alkalinity. So literally, I’m filling up my cup here. We’re
going to pour it in; that’s how complicated that is. So this is 2 cups, and
then I’m just going to eyeball the 1/4. guldbelagt halskæde med c Here we go; we’ve got this big mess in here. I’m just going to mix it up;
that’s all you have to do. You’re done. You let this sit for about a day,
at least 12 hours. And some of the water will evaporate, and the coffee
will then need to be strained. So all I do is use a strainer like this,
pour it in, and I have another Mason jar below it that, I keep everything
in Mason jars, if you haven’t figured that out already. stattfinden zusammen oder getrennt So then you have this Mason jar filled with pure, really stout more
alkaline coffee. So, here, I mean, it’s just a little bit thicker than
normal, but I’ll tell you, it is amazing stuff for coffee drinkers.
Everyone tells me that they love it. I would die if I had this, because I
can’t have caffeine. But you could do decaf in this way, too. fremdriftsrapport for mål itslearning Anyway, this is your coffee toddy at hvordan så vikingerne ud Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit on Tasty
Tuesdays. So follow the recipe below to really figure out how to do this in
your own home, but I think it’s a great way, and you could just store this
in the frig for your guests, or for yourself. Do ice coffee, or warmed
coffee, or whatever your little heart’s desire. We’ll see you next time on
Tasty Tuesdays. This is Sharla Patrick signing off. See ya!

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