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Muscle Up with this "Eggtastic" Breakfast of Champions

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Make Thing Easy on Your Healthy Lifestyle

young god records here There is this misconstrued idea that having a healthy lifestyle, that the food has to taste bad or takes to much time.

biscuits noix coco watch Well, I BUSTED that notion with this time saving meal.

government job alert click If you love scrambled eggs or omelets then you will dig this wo wohnt paris hilton easy vegan recipe for sure.

prénom russes feminins In regards to cooking healthy, I’m a true believer in cooking in bulk.  That way you can have some for later, this easy vegan recipe is no different.

http://blackfar.live/2018/10 profielfoto iemand erbij plakken I also am a firm believer that cooking doesn’t really have rules.  That it’s an exploration of your taste buds…so instead of approaching cooking with such apprehension, you can look at it like a play ground.  Sometimes you have a perfect landing at the bottom of a slide: aka, GREAT MEAL.  Then other times you might fall off the monkey bars and scrape your knee: aka, Not so Hot Meal.  But we know that as a kid you got right back up on those monkey bars and tried again.

steel in gst So with this recipe, it’s just what I happened to make yesterday morning.  My Eggtastic Breakfast is hardly ever the same and here is why.

østkyst hustlers aalborg With this easy vegan recipe, the base of it is firm tofu.  Everything outside of that is just what I happen to have on hand.  So, although I’m about to give you these specific ingredients, don’t let it fool you if you don’t have those specific items-all you really need is an explorers heart and some firm tofu to begin your journey.


1 15oz pkg firm tofu

1 can organic black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 medium organic tomato (I used an heirloom tomato, right from the local farm)

1/2 teaspoon of grapeseed oil

1 clove garlic-minced

1 teaspoon turmeric

dash of salt & peper


1.  Heat skilled on medium heat with grapeseed oil and garlic for about a minute.

2.  Add in tofu and run a fork through it until it resembles scrambled eggs.

3.  Add in all other ingredients and heat until warm all the way through.


Other Options for the Eggtastic Breakfast

– Just tofu and salsa is a great simple vegan dish

-You can put in any bean that you like instead of the black beans. (I just like getting in a little extra protein that’s not from soy)

-You can wilt spinach and add that into the mix.

-Think of this easy vegan recipe as an omelet, but just scrambled…so you can add onions, mushrooms, vegan daiya cheese, peppers, etc.  (I’ve even added left over asparagus from the night before)

-You could also put whatever mixture of the Eggtastic Breakfast you made, into a sprouted grain wrap for an awesome breakfast burrito.  (sprouted grain breads and wraps are the best way to get your vital nutrients-easily absorbable)

Simplicity at It’s Best with this Free Vegan Recipe

I would say from start to finish this meal only takes 10 minutes to prepare and will be more than satisfying for you.

This batch of Eggtastic Breakfast will be pretty large for just one person, so you will be able to eat on all week or invite friends over to enjoy.  It’s a time saver for sure-being that you wont have to cook every morning because a large batch is waiting for you in the fridge to be reheated.
(please reheat on the stove and not in the microwave for a healthy lifestyle)

This free vegan recipe is one anyone can enjoy, but especially those who are trying to build muscle, it’s filled with protein to aid in that process.

Being that there is nothing raw in this meal I would recommend eating a piece of fruit along with it.  I grubbed into some blood oranges, straight from Florida that my neighbor brought me…such a nice compliment to the savory Eggtastic Breakfast, than a sweet orange.

 Healthy Living Isn’t a Chore with Such Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes to Start Your Day!

What’s your FAVORITE Breakfast Meal?

Comment Below to Let Me Know!

 Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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  • Health is the most important consideration guys are having to consider when choosing their breakfast. I like the recipes here so much i have added them to my favorites on paleo recipes list.

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