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I would assume you would agree that jumping into marriage isn’t the wisest idea on the planet…Neither is jumping into using vaccines for kids or choosing not to vaccinate for that matter.

So many parents put so much trust into Doctors without doing any research of their own.  Please understand that doctors are taught to push drugs, surgeries and vaccines on patients-because that’s Western Medicine for ya.  At times I would agree this type of approach is necessary but others I believe there are alternatives that are much more effective long term.

I am not telling you nor suggesting not to vaccinate your child, that is your family’s decision, but what I will ask of you is to reach out and get information outside of your doctor’s office from people that have no connection or financial gain from you choosing or not choosing to vaccinate.

Find These Answers Before Vaccinating

  • What are the dangers of vaccines?
  • Do vaccines cause autism?
  • Having mercury in vaccines means what exactly?
  • What are the ingredients of each vaccine and what reactions do those ingredients have on the body?

Be Comforted in Knowing This

(If  You Do Choose Not To Vaccinate Your Kids)

  • It’s not illegal for you to not have your children vaccinated.
  • You CAN get your children into school if you end up choosing not to vaccinate.

And last but not least, your children can live a very healthy life without vaccines, if you go that route, however I would recommend putting massive focus on building up your child’s immune system naturally through food and supplementation. There are many holistic practitioners that can support you no matter which choice you make, but rest assured it is still YOUR CHOICE.

A great book to start with your education process is “A Shot in The Dark“…a great read that will really shed light on the subject of vaccines for kids-a MUST READ.

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