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Nutritional Empowerment

Do you have vibrant health and wellness, or are you living with challenges like low energy, being overweight, joint issues, sinus issues, degenerative diseases, stress, cancer, etc?

brukte han våpen there Could these actually be options? Are these choices?
How much can we possibly control? Is it all about our genes?

krankheiten lymphknoten im bauch view Once upon a time we looked at an ill person as a whole human being.  Physiology was the course, the track taken, what was looked at:  What can be done to support this ill person to heal?  What can be done to help this person get on the path to wellness?  What can we do to help the body heal? letter x song Not so today.  When the germ theory was accepted by “medicine” we started looking for the germ – the culprit – the “cause” of the illness.  Medicine forgot about the ill person’s physiology; it was all about finding and zapping the germ, with whatever methodology – whichever drug worked best.  It was all about creating and prescribing the perfect drug.

Do germs cause illness?  Yes, of course they do.

jacob ernst catering Have germs been around since the beginning of time?  Yes, they have.  How well has this worked – this focus on the germs – the bacteria – the virus?  NOT VERY WELL!

seil durchmesser 16mm 30m check Why is our country filled with more obesity, more diabetes, more degenerative diseases than ever before?  How well is this germ approach working?  Why has the death rate from cancers not significantly improved since 1950?*
Could the answer be that we are simply not asking the right questions any more? british council make monster Could the answers be RIGHT IN FRONT OF US?  Could western allopathic medicine, prevalent in North America, simply be BLINDED?

What happened to asking WHY? de graaf landgoed driessen Why does Susan become a cancer victim while her best friend never isn’t?
Why does little Alex get ear infections and sore throats and colds every other month, while his friend never gets sick?
Why does Mary have gall bladder attacks and have to have her gall bladder removed while her friend has serious gall bladder attacks and doesn’t have to have her gall bladder removed?
Why does David have constant battles with asthma attacks while his friends don’t?
Why does Jim get colon cancer and John never does? vaches béarnaises a vendres If you are OK with remaining “average” in this country when it comes to health and wellness, then you must be OK with being one of the many in the masses of low energy sickly people suffering from one degenerative disease or maybe three, many full of inflammation, most overweight, and many experiencing pain and suffering as life goes by.  If you are OK with this, then this is NOT the right website for you.

tiles art design view On the other hand, if you are READY to become the HEALTHY VIBRANT HUMAN BEING that your body WANTS to be, you are in the right place at the right time.  We are DEVOTED to guiding you to discover your own path to HEALTH and WELLNESS, to experience your own HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND HEALTHY SPIRIT.  We are truly excited about the prospect of you learning important TRUTHS that can open up to you a lifetime of happiness, health, and vitality. voleurs de stars streaming laptop via tv lullaby of birdland lyrics Sign Up For Nutritional Newsletter!

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