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Alkaline Water

Acid vs. Alkaline Water

brukte han våpen there Litmus PaperI’m not sure about you but most of chemistry from grade school or college has been erased from my memory bank…so lets begin with the basics so we can discover what alkaline water really is. There is what we call the PH scale, which measures Potential Hydrogen. You remember, this is when you used PH strips in school to test different liquids and you watched as the different colors came up on the strip to see where that particular liquid fell on the PH scale.

krankheiten lymphknoten im bauch view pH ScaleBack then this test didn’t mean much to us at all (unless you were a chemistry major). But now this concept of a liquid falling into the category of Acidic or Alkaline can be a critical aspect of our health. At some point, without knowing details you can probably assume, without my help, that an acidic liquid would not be good for our health. YOU ARE RIGHT! letter x song When we think of acid, sometimes battery acid comes to mind…this is a good way to remember that we wouldn’t want to put battery acid in our body, so a more acidic liquid or food would harm our bodies. Therefore, an alkaline liquid or food could help improve our health. In between acid and alkaline lies what is referred to as neutral, which is a 7.0 on the Ph scale. Typically, in the US, most tap water falls into this neutral area. It’s sad because the neutrality isn’t caused by anything other than chemicals in the water; it’s not naturally that way.

jacob ernst catering However, there is a great example of people and water that did once exist in the world that supports longevity and that’s the Hunza who lived in the Himalayas near India. They were a civilization cut off from the world pretty much, yet their life expectancy trumped that of the western civilization by not just 5 or 10 years but they lived well into their 130′s where Westerners lived to be around 70. How did the Hunza people live so long? (The secret is in their water)

What is Alkaline Water?

seil durchmesser 16mm 30m check Glass of waterHome tap water contains a mixture of minerals, salts, and other substances, some of which are good for you, and some of which are not. After many of the harmful elements are filtered out, a home water ionizer uses the electrodialysis process to separate the remaining minerals in the water into healthy alkaline minerals, and acidic minerals. During the process, some water molecules are split, releasing hydrogen and hydroxyl ions – charged particles. british council make monster The charged water ions – called hydroxyl ions – are short lived, but they combine with the minerals in the water to produce mineral ions, referred to in chemistry as hydroxides. Medical research suggests that alkaline water may get its antioxidant properties from these charged mineral hydroxides.

Properties of Alkaline Water

  • Higher pH fights metabolic acidosis
  • Contains anti-aging antioxidants
  • Hydrates better than plain water
  • Tastes better than regular water de graaf landgoed driessen So the water the Hunza people consumed had similar properties and was one of the factors in their history of living well into their 100′s…

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water vaches béarnaises a vendres Before we touch on the health benefits of alkaline water, it’s important that you realize that over 78% of all diseases thrive in an ACIDIC environment. So, logically it would make sense to have an alkaline environment that doesn’t support the onset or thriving of any particular disease or illness. Chances are, even with a proper diet you are still not getting enough of essential dietary minerals in your diet to maintain good health. Studies indicate that alkaline water may be the best way to get your minerals and have associated it alkaline water with these health benefits:

  • Reduced rates of heart disease
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Improved digestive health
  • Maintenance of bone density
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Mental clarity
  • Naturally detoxifies the body

tiles art design view Alkaline water has been used in Asia as a health supplement for years, and Asian countries rank highest in world health surveys. Used properly, alkaline water should be combined with a proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle to produce optimum results.

Alkaline Water Machine:
Pay Now Or Pay Later voleurs de stars streaming Alkaline Water MachineAlthough there are several ways to get alkaline water to help with your health, it is an investment. And in my opinion we always make an investment in our health, the only factor that differs from one person to the next is when we make that investment. You can choose to make an investment to prevent illness or you can make an investment after the fact. laptop via tv My suggestion is do today whatever you can to live a happy and healthy life with tons of energy so that you can have a great quality of life into your older years. I truly believe in and support my clients in drinking alkaline water to aid in this process. I know from personal experience how much better I feel when I’m drinking alkaline water from the Alkaline Water Machine that produces Living Water.  Click Here to get More Information or Purchase. lullaby of birdland lyrics There are so many health benefits of using an alkaline water machine, you will feel the difference within one day of drinking the water. Every person I’ve worked with has had very different experiences with alkaline water, but they have all great results that support living a Healthy Lifestyle. I would recommend watching the Living Water Video, to see if it makes sense for you and your family. goals and objectives I know for my family we love the Alkaline Water Machine that produces Living Water and will always have it as apart of our Healthy Lifestyle and I hope you find it to be apart of the plan for you and your family as well. guldbelagt halskæde med c stattfinden zusammen oder getrennt Sign up For Our Newsletter! fremdriftsrapport for mål itslearning hvordan så vikingerne ud

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Healthy Choices

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