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Healthy Choices

singe sur la lune Every day you have choices of what to put in, on and around your body which will create your health destiny.  Every moment you can make a choice in the right direction which will create optimal health.  We are dedicated to helping educate and empower you to make the choices for you and your family that bring about longevity and happiness, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Juicing for Beginners

monique paradise blog Juicing is a great way to loose weight, maintain a healthy weight, prevent or reverse disease, boost immunity, improve eyesight, detoxify internal organs, alkalize the body, increase your energy level and more. We make it easy to start juicing with our delicious and simple recipes.


alex ii törnplan 2018 click The ancient practices of meditation are used all over the world to create both inner & outer peace. This free method can be intimidating to start but we make it simple for you to begin this life transformational practice and support you to continue your practice.

Nutritional Empowerment

biscuits noix coco watch It took years of habits and programing into adulthood to create your health lifestyle. We know it can be challenging to start new habits. Learn the simple things you can do to begin radically improving your health and the health of your children.

Vaccine Information

http://blackfar.live/2018/10 profielfoto iemand erbij plakken Making the choice to vaccinate or not to vaccinate isn't your Doctor's responsibility, it's your's, and the choice shouldn't be made in a 2 minute conversation but rather after much research. Empower yourself with the risks and benefits of both sides.


østkyst hustlers aalborg Yoga is both the practice and the goal, which is enlightenment, bliss, or samadhi. Yoga isn't just for the super flexible, but for all wishing to find deeper connections to your body, mind, and spirit, and deeper connections with the world around you.

Healthy Choices