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Fly My Child

Fly My Child

welcher eos passt zu mir watch The strength we think is outside of us is not.

gammel ungkar terje nilsen view For within lies the most beautiful “secret garden” of all possibilities.  It can be our choice to live from that place of co-creating our lives or we can allow the outside world to dictate what we get.  For it is my belief that the world is always conspiring to do us well; it’s our thoughts that can run wild and tell us different.

sicherheit unternehmer offenbach Inside lies the field of all possibilities, like a blossoming flower has the ability to spread its pedals wide and explode with the most fragrant of smells; we too sit in this fertile world where we can take the sun that’s warming our bodies, our spiritual practices that feed our soul, the water that can move us like a river and food that can give us the energy to expand our hearts, minds and souls and share it with the world.

Eyes wide open, heart expanding,
wings soaring and ready for takeoff!
Om Shanti.

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