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Crunchy Kale Chip Delight, an Easy Vegan Recipe

Crunch Into This Easy Vegan Recipe, KALE CHIPS.

gammel ungkar terje nilsen view easy vegan recipeUsually kale is that green that decorates many a restaurant plates but you wouldn’t dare eat it.  Ironically, it’s one of the healthiest greens on the planet and although eating it plain is probably something only a possum would do, kale juices wonderfully and you can’t even taste it when it’s mixed with other fruits and veggies.

sicherheit unternehmer offenbach Kale has been known to lower the risk of cancer and aids in lowering cholesterol, not to mention is full of antioxidants and flavonoids….so how can you get the great benefits of this food in a pleasant way?

klatrestativ barn armgang click KALE CHIPS my friend, Kale Chips!


grant gustin gracie gustin go 1.  About 8 cups of packed curly green kale
2.  1 cup raw cashews
3.  1/4-1/2 cup of living water
4.  3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
5.  1/4 cup nutritional yeast
6.  8-10 cloves of garlic
7.  1 tsp Sea Salt
8.  1 tbsp maple syrup (optional)
9.  4 teas garlic powder
10.  1 teas cayenne pepper (optional)

Directions: vriendinnen armband goud 1.  Remove the kale from the stalks, rince and drain then place in a large mixing bowl.easy vegan recipe
2.  Add all ingredients except garlic powder in the blender.  Mix until you get the consistency much like hummus.  (add water in a little at a time until you get the thickness you want)
3.   Massage in the cashew cheese into the kale until there are no clumps.
4.  Lay out the kale pieces in your dehydrator sheets and evenly sprinkle with garlic powder and a dash of cayenne for some added heat.
5.  Dehydrate chips for about 8 hours or put in your oven on the lowest setting for 10 hours. vertrek istanbul naar amman I know you are going to be curious and taste the cheese before your put it on the kale, be forewarned that the cheese mix will be pretty spicy because of the chopped garlic, but this will totally go away once dehydrated.  This is why I like to add a bit of cayenne into the mix, to punch things up a bit.

comtesse de st germain pézenas Comment below to share with us how much you love these kale chips or share with us your own version of them.  And for those of you who want to enjoy kale chips but don’t want to make them yourself you can order them online.

wird dann durch champions league teurer go Enjoy this crunchy, totally satisfying and packed with flavor snack! discuss both views essay Kale chips away.

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