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Confession: I took a shot.

Everything in Moderation

gammel ungkar terje nilsen view “We are all dying anyways”…Wayne Dyer

sicherheit unternehmer offenbach I begin with that quote not to be morbid but to express that as much as I’m rigid in my health choices, that there is no need to be miserable and so tight that you don’t enjoy life, because honestly we are all going to die anyways.

klatrestativ barn armgang click With that said, it’s my desire to live way beyond a hundred and live life to the fullest.  I envision myself climbing mountains, jumping out of planes, and just being a crazy old woman who is super active.  This is one of the reasons why I treat my body so well right now.

grant gustin gracie gustin go My children and Wayne Dyer with his quote, have shown me the freedom that’s always been there, but I tap into it now, splurging a bit. vriendinnen armband goud My nine year old has really taking to baking since we relocated to the Georgia Mountains.  I’m excited she’s comfortable in the kitchen and wants to explore…at the same time, baking isn’t my forte and I usually stay away from it for the most part because baking typically isn’t the healthiest options for anyone. vertrek istanbul naar amman But three days ago my daughter and I set out to make Vegan Cinnabuns.  I had to remind myself of a saying that my teenage boyfriend used to say, “everything in moderation.”

comtesse de st germain pézenas So, needless to say the cinnabuns turned out AMAZING.  They were wonderful smelling, wonderful looking and scrumptious to devour for DINNER.  Yes, that’s right we had cinnabuns for dinner.  Sometimes you just have to shake things up and enjoy life, even if it means consuming desserts for dinner that aren’t fat or sugar free. 🙂  Everything in moderation!!!

wird dann durch champions league teurer go vegan dessert

Karma discuss both views essay Over the past month I’ve moved my daughter and I six hours from the only home we’ve known together.  We left my side of the family, all our friends, and only moved to the mountains, yet it feels like a different planet at times.  We’ve been in a snow storm, got a truck stuck in the Georgia infamous red clay, and last week I totaled the only car I had.

miss spring sieraden link Needless to say, the energy in our lives has been a bit all over the place.

goedkope oxboard kopen As a yoga instructor I understand the flow of energy that surrounds us at all times.  Energy is cyclical; meaning energy never really dies, it just moves in a circular motion.  It can change direction but ultimately is still the cycle of cause and effect or karma.

dispenser tape 50mm Every single thing that we put in our body has an effect of some sort, including vegan delicious cinnabuns.

lakkering av bil Every single thought and action we have causes and effect as well.

bientraitance maltraitance malveillance visit So with all that energy that has been a bit turbulent and the splurging of vegan cinnabuns, as delicious as they were, I felt a sore throat and brain fog, the very next morning after we had that delicious dinner. résidence pont royal I don’t think I got the sore throat just from the cinnabuns, although sugar is a breading ground for all illnesses; I really think it was the compound effect of all the turbulent energy that I’ve gone through which lead my body’s immune system to be vulnerable.

Shot Time

tikka masala chicken watch I know the best time to fight any cold coming on is right at the first moment you feel it.  I happened to be at my in-law’s house when  I felt my throat feel a bit off.  My in-laws are all about living off the land and they have free food growing at almost all times.

film simon spies click As you probably are well aware, garlic is an amazing immune booster and helps to fight bacteria.  So, we went right out in the garden, picked some fairly large bulbs of garlic and I ate them raw, the leaves and all.  I may have smelt like a garlic factory, but I already felt a boost of energy and healthy.

eng translate to hindi When I got home, after brushing my teeth immediately,  I knew it was time for a shot.  Not a shot like you are thinking.  Not a flu shot, but a Wellness Shot.

epistolary literature definition This Wellness Shot is not for the timid.  It’s a super stout and spicy shot that seems to cure what ails ya.

nachrichten aus karlsruhe there I wanted to share this with you because it certainly works for so many ailments you might experience.  And I would like to report that in less than 24 hours I have beat the sore throat with multiple Wellness Shots.

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Wellness Shot over bite surgery india Juice 1 Thumb of fresh Ginger
Juice 1 Organic peeled Lemon
Dash of Cayenne Pepper
10 drops of Oil of Oregano

auge aufbau schule go Put in a shot glass and drink immediately.  Don’t stir up any of the ingredients, just shoot it to the back of your throat and down ya go!

This shot I have found works best on an empty stomach.  It is SUPER spicy but will attack the bacteria that’s attempting to make you ill.  It can help to lower blood pressure, helps with flexibility, boost immunity and gives you a pep in your step to say the least.

And if you are curious, DO NOT ever take the oil of oregano drops straight…I did that once, curiosity got the best of me…and my tongue was on fire for hours…it was so miserable.  So learn from my mistake on that one.

At any rate, I hope you are inspired and curious enough to try this shot at least once.  It’s a shot that can help prevent and reverse when most would turn to synthetic chemicals that come in needles and can have some undesirable side effects I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The Wellness Shot Rocks…To Your Health!



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  • It’s so great to know about things like wellness shots and colloidal silver and so many other wonderful healing foods and herbs that help us get well! Thanks for the reminder about the wellness shots Sharla! Those shots also WAKE up our taste buds – at least they do mine! I think those shots wake up my whole body! Powerful!!

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