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Chocolate Kisses for Valentines-Healthy Lifestyle Style


gammel ungkar terje nilsen view With only a day from the “big day” it’s so tempting to go out and buy the processed sugar filled candies and chocolates that seem to represent this day so much.

sicherheit unternehmer offenbach So instead of buying something someone else made, with ingredients that are less than optimal for a healthy lifestyle, I wanted to to share with you another option.

klatrestativ barn armgang click The original recipe came from my awesome friend and raw foodist, Kenny Sunshine, but I’ve added some goodies and changed a couple things, I hope you enjoy the “Chocolate Kisses.”  This is a great raw food recipe that also happens to be organic and vegan.

grant gustin gracie gustin go And remember that just because something is organic, raw, and or vegan doesn’t mean you are missing out on anything, it means you have an opportunity to explore some of the healthiest and tasteful foods on the planet. vriendinnen armband goud Happy Valentines Day


Directions: vertrek istanbul naar amman 1.  Melt the coconut butter and cacao butter in a dehydrator or double boiler.
2.  Add all ingredients together and pour in whatever mold you have.
3.  Freeze for 15 minutes or until solid.


  • Add toasted coconut on the top or bottom
  • Add a blueberry or small cherry in the middle of the poured chocolate, just before freezing.
  • Add cayenne pepper to warm things up a bit.  (I added about 1/4 teaspoon)

comtesse de st germain pézenas wird dann durch champions league teurer go Once you try to make these please comment below and tell me how much of a hit they are!

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