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Yoga Minute, Vīrabhadrāsana II

latest central govt employees वीरभद्रासन II, Warrior II [Basic Yoga Pose] Warrior I beautifully transitions into Warrior II, with grace and ease.  It's personally one of my favorite postures. This is again another great posture for those who believe they are inflexible, as there is no requirement to torque your toe behind your ear.  If you can stand up right, then this posture is available to you and can bring many benefits. How to Preform this Basic Yoga Posture, Virabhadrasana II 1-Exhale, Tadasana, Mountain Pose. 2-Inhale, step the right foot back 3 feet, toes pointing towards 2-3. 3-Exhale, open up the hips, shoulders and arms to the right hand side. 4-Inhale, arms parallel to

Yoga Minute, Warrior One वीरभद्रासन

wird dann durch champions league teurer go Vira-ba-drasana (distinguished hero) [Basic Yoga Pose] The Story Behind the Warrior Postures Lord Shiva was married to a beautiful woman named Sati.  Sati's father, Daksha, was having a party and Shiva wasn't invited, so Sati went by herself, leaving Lord Shiva behind. Sati and her father began to argue about Shiva not being invited, and instead of continuing to fight with her dad, she went to meditate.  She was pretty angry, like fire angry. This meditation turned into a mystic trance of sorts and that inner fire of anger began to boil; it increased until she burst into flames and died. When Lord Shiva heard

Yoga Minute, Trikonasana

film simon spies click त्रिकोणासनम् Trikonasana [Basic Yoga Pose] trih-koh-nah-sah-nah trikona त्रिकोण meaning "triangle" asana (आसन) meaning "posture" or "seat" Healing Through Yoga I would imagine regardless of your situation, your background, your age or your daily activities, that you have injured a body part at some point in time, like I have. In June I woke up and my knees both felt like someone had taken a bat to them, every step hurt and they were swollen.  I was timid to get on my yoga mat, but with the encouragement of my two amazing teachers, Jeffery Cohen Ji and David Life Ji, I began practicing that very same day. I obviously had

Yoga Minute, Downward Facing Dog

अधोमुखश्वानासन Adho Mukha Svanasana [Basic Yoga Pose] (ah-doh moo-kah shvah-nah-sah-nah) (अधस्, Adhas) meaning "down" mukha (मुख, Mukha) meaning "face" svana or shvana (श्वान, śvāna) meaning "dog" asana (आसन) meaning "posture"  The Quintessential Basic Yoga Pose I don't believe there is another pose in all of Yoga that's better known.  Even if someone is totally unfamiliar with yoga, they know the name Down Dog. Most all yoga postures come from nature or animals and Down Dog clearly is one of those postures. If you are a dog owner you have probably seen your canine stretch every morning in this way.  It's a fun, simple basic yoga pose that every method of yoga that I'm aware of incorporates

Yoga Minute, Uttanasana [Basic Yoga Pose]

उत्तानासनम् Uttanasana Basic Yoga Pose (ooh-tah-nah-sah-nah) Uttana (उत्तान; uttāna) = "intense stretch" or "straight" or "stretched" Asana (आसन; āsana) meaning "posture" or "seat"  "I do this pose for 3-5 minutes every morning as apart of my daily routine" Justin B. a Hollywood Personal Trainer How to Perform this Basic Yoga Pose, Uttanasana 1-Starting in Mountain Pose, Tadasana.  Exhale out all the air. 2-Inhale, Feet together, toes touching, and hands at the hips. 3-Leading with the heart and with a flat back, Exhale, fold forward over the legs.  Allow the head to hang like a rip fruit, placing the PALMS on the floor.  (you can use a block) 4-Continue to breath in and

Yoga Minute, Tadasana [Basic Yoga Pose]

ताडासन Tadasana Basic Yoga Pose (tah-DAHS-anna) Tada: Mountain Asana: Pose Know the Big Stuff, But Don't Forget the "Small" Stuff It's plausible that you could ask an astronaut how to get to the moon, but you could ask him to get to the gas station down the road and he wouldn't have a clue. It's highly likely that you could ask a brain surgeon who preforms sinus surgeries all day long, what foods could help prevent sinus infections and he would be speechless; he would know only a prescribed drug or surgery to temporarily put a bandaid on the problem but never really solve the issue or

Is there more to Yoga than standing on your head?

The ancient wisdom of Yoga For so many years people associate Yoga with someone maneuvering their body into some wacky position or even possibly standing on their head. This video begins to explore Yoga and share with you, as I shared with the Unitarian Church of Charleston Congregation, about the depth of Yoga philosophy, beyond movement of the body...Enjoy.

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