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Learn to Meditate discuss both views essay Intimidated to begin a Meditation Practice? Let go of any doubts of your ability to mediate with a private coaching session by 300 Hour Certified Teacher, Sharla Iśvari Patrick. (session can be held in person or on phone for national & international clients) You will have not only a private coaching session but you will also get a Free Copy of "Meditation for Beginners," a great book that dives into the 10 Myths of Meditation while sharing the 3 simple steps to start a Mediation Practice.

Whispers of Love Thru Meditation

Finding Love in the Strangest Place... As we embark upon this 2012 year, it's crazy to think that we are already in the month of February.  Time seems to be moving in a faster pace, at least to me anyways, every single year.  Is it that way for you too? At any rate, February is a month that many focus on love and relationships.  Over the years, I must admit, that my heart has been closed to this notion of Valentine's Day.  It seemed to me, in the past, to be a lame excuse for the people around you to go out

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