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Fly My Child

latest central govt employees Fly My Child The strength we think is outside of us is not. For within lies the most beautiful “secret garden” of all possibilities.  It can be our choice to live from that place of co-creating our lives or we can allow the outside world to dictate what we get.  For it is my belief that the world is always conspiring to do us well; it’s our thoughts that can run wild and tell us different. Inside lies the field of all possibilities, like a blossoming flower has the ability to spread its pedals wide and explode with the most fragrant of smells;

Stress Be Gone E-Program

comtesse de st germain pézenas My Dear Friend (that means YOU!!!) I know at some point you have been chronically sick (flu, allergies, diabetes, cancer) or overweight; well you aren't alone in that-I know just how you feel. I know the frustrations with not getting results from what the doctor recommends, or any fad diet for that might have fallen into the pitfalls, like myself, where you have been on pills by doctor's orders or eat low fat foods but still are getting no where. I've been in this exact situation but I realized after years of frustration, that there was something at the root of the

Merry Christmas

film simon spies click Christmas Beatitudes On this blessed day, let us worship at the altar of joy, for to miss the joy of Christmas is to miss its holiest secret. Let us enter into the spiritual delights which are the natural heritage of childlike hearts. Let us withdraw from the cold and barren world of prosaic fact, if only for a session. That we may warm ourselves by the fireside of fancy, and take counsel in the wisdom of poetry and legend. Blessed are they who have vision enough to behold a guiding star in the dark mystery which girdles the earth; Blessed are they who have imagination enough

A Kind of Thanksgiving to Help You Live LONGER.

Can We Live Longer because of Thanksgiving? This week marks another celebration of a good harvest and the pilgrams that came before us.  During this holiday it's a beautiful thing as families typically take some time off work to put some love and time into making home made dishes that otherwise throughout the week would be replaced by fast food, microwavable meals or eating out at less than optimal restaurants.  The fact that so much time, preparation and love goes into the Thanksgiving meal, makes a huge difference in regards to our mood and health, right off the bat. I'm a firm

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