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{Wellness Wednesday} Tongue Scraper

welcher eos passt zu mir watch Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Wednesday Hey this is Sharla Patrick at Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit. Today is another wellness Wednesday and you're in my bathroom. Don't freak out, but you're in my bathroom. Today I'm going to show you how to use the tongue scraper. So we had so many people that were intrigued when I said I cleaned my tongue scraper that they wanted to know how, exactly, it's used. It's a very simple piece of metal like this, and there's other kinds too. There's plastic ones that look like a spoon that you can drag. One of the reasons that I like this one is because it can

{Wellness Wednesday} Clean Your Brushes

goedkope oxboard kopen Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Wednesday Hey, everybody. It's Sharla Patrick and it's Wellness Wednesday here at Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit. I just wanted to share one little quick tip with you that you can use to keep your family healthy. About once every other week, or once a week even, it's really good to clean something that you're probably not cleaning on a daily basis . . . probably not on a monthly basis . . . and maybe not even on a yearly basis. It's pretty gross, if you look down at it. My one tip for this week is to clean, not just your toothbrushes, because clearly,

{Wellness Wednesday} Splurge a Little over bite surgery india Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Wednesday Hey, it's Sharla Patrick at Healthy Lifestyle and Spirit, welcome to Wellness Wednesday. On Wellness Wednesday we talk about anything that has to do with wellness, whether it's spiritual, health, any of that good stuff. So today I wanted to share with you one of my goals in life, and you probably know this if you've been following me for a while, and it is to live past 100, and not to be bed ridden, but to live a vibrant life. So similar to the blue zones, I try to incorporate many of those different teachings into my life, so that I do have

Merry YOGA Christmas

Black & White For most around the world, the way to celebrate any holiday is in a certain way.  It's black and white. During the holidays I'm again reminded of how really diverse every human being is.  How the influence of our family and friends create a vision for how life "should" be. It's easy to judge others for celebrating in a different way than us.  I know I've done this before. It's even easy to judge ourselves for celebrating in a different way than the rest of the world. It's also easy to get caught up in the I, Me, Mine, kinda attitude during

This toxin is lowering your children’s IQ

What if I told you... What if I told you there has been studies showing that there is a very common toxin that you have been told for both you and your children to consume to stay healthy that's actually been shown to significantly lower IQ levels? What if I told you that this toxin is actually a known preserver of metals, an insecticide and pesticide, and is corrosive to glass, highly corrosive to human skin and harmful to respiratory organs? What if I told you that this toxin is a chemical used for the NUCLEAR industry? What if I told you that this

Vegan Cookbook Needs Title…Can You Help?

Here's Our Problem Here's the deal.  I know that there are millions of people out there with way more creativity than myself.  And as many of you know I've been working with my Mother on a Vegan Cookbook for just over a year.  We are getting very close to publishing but we have one problem...we don't have a title. We are looking for your wisdom and inspiring suggestions for this Vegan Cookbook. The book will include recipes of course, but also an entire section on the story of how I came to live a vegan life and why I continue to live vegan.


Confession #1 at Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit I do have a pretty large confession to make, but before I clear the air, lets get the back log on why I need to confess to you. You may or may not know, but on April fools day I decided to cut my long beautiful locks of hair. Well, actually I didn’t cut it, I had it 100% totally shaved off. I wish there was a more interesting and “cooler” story for the reason, but there really isn’t. I had been fighting lice with my daughter for pretty much the entire school year and wouldn’t

My Confession

Healthy Lifestyle Confessions Continued It was only two weeks ago that I confessed to you I had major issues surrounding growing my hair out and not feeling feminine without my ear rings. My jewelry, specifically my ear rings, had become an addiction the past few months, to compensate for this feeling of inadequacy. This may seem trivial to some people, but hopefully you understand to some degree. After a powerful trip to Costa Rica, I had really shifted this issue and came to the understanding and realization that there is no reason for me to feel this way and to remember

…………My Crazy Sexy Baldness…………

Damn The Bugs My daughter is in second grade and I must say it's been a pretty rough year at times for many reasons.  There has been so many times where I just shake my head in disbelief that there's this much drama in elementary school.  There have been other times where I have balled my eyes out and wanted to punch something because I was so angry. Over what you may be asking yourself. Well, Skylar got lice two weeks into school and it's been a nightmare.  So for any parent out there that's gone through this you understand my stress.  I

The Coconut Oil "Miracle"

Noticing "Miracles" in Nature Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle So often we turn right to science, doctors and officials to tell us if something is good or bad for us.  However, we can also look at nature and at trends that occur naturally and discover how we can take those fundamentals, implement them in our lives, so that we too can live a healthy life. There are several tropical countries that have little to no skin cancer or existence of disease period.  One of the staple foods that are consumed in these places are coconuts and many versions of that.  From coconut water, coconut milk, coconut

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