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Does Milk Really Do a Body Good?

latest central govt employees Does milk really do a body good? Or harm? This is a very controversial topic.  As reported in the documentary, Forks Over Knives, in the China Study, Dr. T. Colin Campbell explains how, in a study involving mice, a diet of 5% or more dairy protein caused cancerous tumors to grow.  A diet of 5% or less dairy protein, however, caused the tumors to decrease.   Many more of his studies conclude that there is much value in eating less animal protein, and consuming much more in the way of fruits, veggies and whole grains.  So could it be a matter

The Connection Between Milk & Allergies, Revealed (GOT MILK?)

dispenser tape 50mm What You Don't Know About the Milk You and Your Children are Drinking Milk's Connection with Allergies Around 11 years ago I found myself fighting seasonal allergies for the first time EVER. Living in South Carolina, allergies was a normal thing around me; but not until I moved to North Carolina did I personal experience allergies myself. At the time I was married to an Army soldier, and one of his "benefits" was FREE medical.  And although I think having that kind of access can be helpful, I do realize it's not the answer to our health. I like most people got put on Allegra

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