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Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit with me, Sharla Patrick!

story o part 2 Sharla PatrickI’m a Certified Yoga Instructor, Health Nut, and a Single Mom.

tahm kench pro build check I’ve experienced major life challenges like most of us at some point.  I have faced the challenges of childhood molestation, two divorces, addiction with drugs and alcohol just to name a few.  My life hasn’t always been a bed of roses and I was often miserable until I took control of my thoughts, actions, and food.  I’m a work in progress and realize I have a long ways to go still, but I’m enjoying the journey.

vi menn pluss Now I would say that I’m a super passionate Lover of Life who adores helping people find PEACE, JOY, HAPPINESS and MEANING through different modalities even in challenging, turbulent and “miserable” times.

latest central govt employees Be it yoga, meditation, a great wellness plan or anything in between I’m dedicated to raising the conscious vibration of all of humanity and helping each person shine in their own unique and Divine way.

welcher eos passt zu mir watch This includes helping to support an organization that I feel is doing some of the best work in this country; that’s fighting childhood obesity, by really empowering children.  Louie’s Kids, is a fantastic non profit organization in the Lowcountry (Charleston, SC), that I have been supporting for years.  They are helping the next generation step out of bad habits before adulthood and I believe it’s a beautiful and much needed thing.

Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit Welcomes Theresa AuCoin, M.Ed., CN.

gammel ungkar terje nilsen view Since the late 70′s Theresa AuCoin has been fascinated with the world of health and well being.  Since then, she’s been a student of natural foods, vitamins, the body, and living to promote health & vitality.  She’s living proof of how eating right can help in gentle aging.  Theresa is more than passionate about speaking the truths about our food and body system, to audiences all over the country.  She gives simple ways to improve health that really makes a massive difference.

sicherheit unternehmer offenbach She’s received her Masters in Education and is a Certified Nutritional Consultant.
Health and Wellness doesn’t happen by chance; we can take responsibility at any point in our life with just a bit of information and support from someone like Theresa & myself.

klatrestativ barn armgang click Live your best HEALTHY life NOW!

grant gustin gracie gustin go Cheers, vriendinnen armband goud Sharla Iswari Patrick vertrek istanbul naar amman childhood obesity, over eating, the biggest loser I support this OUTSTANDING U.S. based non profit organization that focuses on helping empower inner city children to live a healthy life and overcome obesity. With real, live, face to face assistance, Louie’s Kids counselors work with the children, teach them about nutrition, help them to make better food choices. They also provide a 16 week camp as well as a support team of people in the Lowcountry to help the children during the year exercise on a regular basis.

comtesse de st germain pézenas Part of the proceeds of many of my workshops and seminars help these children.

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